Types Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart diseases are the various conditions which affect the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. These diseases attack both the blood vessels and the heart. Most of these diseases are associated with poor lifestyle and other diseases such as high blood pressure. This article is going to highlight some of the common cardiovascular diseases. These diseases can be very fatal is they are not controlled.

Ischemic heart disease

These are the heart ailments which are caused by constriction of your coronary arteries. The narrowing of the arteries is known for decreasing the flow of blood to the heart.

Cerebrovascular disease

This is a disease which affects the blood vessel found in the brain. They are mainly caused by lack of enough blood supply to the brain. They result mainly from a stroke or a cerebrovascular accident.

Rheumatic heart disease

This is an illness that is caused by frequent attacks of the rheumatic fever. They contribute to damage of the heart and the various valves which are located in the heart. Rheumatic fever is common in young children. This fewer can develop into a more serious infection known as streptococcal infection which affects the functioning of the heart. This infection can lead to scarring of valves thereby weakening the various muscles of the heart. Besides, it can damage the sac which encloses the heart. The scarred valves do not close and open normally.

Inflammatory heart disease

This is caused by inflammation of the heart muscle and the sac membrane which surrounds your heart, and it’s lining. Infections and toxic agents mainly cause inflammation of the heart.

Hypertensive heart disease

This disease is caused by secondary hypertension, secondary hypertension and certain types of infections or disease which also affect the kidneys. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can overburden the blood vessels and the heart and thus lead to hypertensive heart disease.

Vascular heart disease

The vascular disease is caused by various health conditions such as narrowing of the blood vessels, prolapse (failure of the valves to close properly), and leak (insufficiency or regurgitation of the valves). Other conditions which might lead to damage of the valves include rheumatic fever, certain medications, radiation treatments, and connective tissue disorders.

Heart attack

This occurs when the heart is unable to supply any more blood. It is a condition which required to be addressed immediately as soon as it occurs. Heart attacks can be fatal if proper treatment is not provided. A heart attack is manifested by symptoms such as severe chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling faint and sweating.…

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Healthy Tips For Gaining Weight

Everything is possible with the right attitude, diet and exercise. This article is going to highlight some of the tips which will help you in building strong muscles and gaining weight.

Eating about five meals daily

You should eat about five meals in a day is you are interested in gaining weight. These meals should be broken down into parts since the body cannot absorb all the available nutrients at once. You should eat after every three hours even if you do not feel hungry. This will help you in boosting your appetite with time. Besides, you should include healthy foods such a fruits and vegetable in your diet. These foods will help you in attaining a healthy weight.

Weight training

Weight training is beneficial for the growing f muscles. You should increase the weight used during the training gradually. For instance, you can increase the weight from 30 to 35 kilos within a span of three weeks. This will help you in building strong muscles without straining your body.

Work out the entire body

Most of the gym goers focus more on the arms, shoulders and chest muscles. This should not be the case as this might lead to a disproportionate body. It might also subject your muscle to injuries. You are advised to engage in the workout exercises which involve nearly all the body parts.

Loading up on proteins

You are advised to consume an additional 300-500 calories above the normal intake on a daily basis. These proteins can be supplemented by consuming protein-rich foods such as eggs, cheese, meat, and cheese.

Focussing on recovery after the workout exercises

There are some practices which will help your body in recovering significantly after each workout. They include showers, stretching, exercises and foods rich in glucose. An example of post workout recipe is the wheat germ. It is used for providing the body with instant energy. You should also have an adequate sleep since inadequate sleep can lead to several problems.

Drinking your calories

It might be possible to meet the entire calorie requirement by eating alone. There are some drinks which would help you in meeting the body’s energy requirement such as milk, protein shakes, and milkshakes. Most of these drinks have little or no sugar, and they are considered as healthy options for gaining weight.

Be patient

It is unrealistic to gain weight very quickly. Our bodies are very different; some will add weight faster than others. This means that you should never be discouraged for not the desired results. You will always feel better by eating a healthy diet.…

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