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Ron Splude Gentle Yoga Baños Ecuador

Baños Ecuador Yoga with Ron Splude is a GREAT place to start your Yoga Practice.

Grab your mat and sign up for Ron Splude's Yoga Class @ The BIB in Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador.
This Gentle Yoga Class is ideal for Beginners of all ages. It is my Goal to make Yoga accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of age, or physical condition.

Through regular Gentle Yoga Classes, you can increase muscle tone and flexibility while developing strength and concentration.  Yoga poses can teach you to relax, both on and off the Yoga mat, while helping you to achieving total fitness. My classes make everyone feel comfortable. Each person can work at their own level and pace without feeling intimidated. I have the ability to engage with students and meet them where they are at; providing modifications for beginners and instructions to challenge the more advanced students.

Please feel free visit us for a Yoga Class while in Baños Ecuador!

You do not have to schedule an appointment to come to class. This an on going class. Just show up a few minutes early.
Classes are offered in English. Great for weiry travelers who need to stretch out after a long bus ride!
I encourage you to bring your own mat or a large towel to class.
See you in class!

Baños Yoga - Who I Am

After more than 15 years of dedicated service to the Yoga Community, I have recently relocated my Gentle Yoga Classes to Baños Ecuador. Yoga @ The BIB with Ron Splude is something that you can rely upon to provide a safe and practical methodology for learning Yoga Poses.

Baños Yoga - What I Do

What I  Do, is teach a Step-By-Step Gentle Yoga Process on how to build Yoga poses SAFELY, while maintaining breath control. Safety Comes Before Flexibility.  As part of a maturing population, many of us are turning to Yoga to improve overall health and muscle strength, reduce stress and increase flexibility, all while feeling more safe, energetic and alive.

Baños Yoga - My Mission

The major benefit of Gentle Yoga in Baños Ecuador is that it allows you to focus on your own unique needs, without competition. For many it is the beginning of creating their own Private Yoga Practice. The focus of my Yoga Classes is to make Yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. No prior experience is required.  Gentle Yoga consists of a combination of: simple physical postures that gently stretch and strengthen muscles, improving mobility, flexibility, respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination; with focus on Breathing techniques that can be practiced anywhere, at any time.

Yoga Location

All Group Yoga Classes are held at:
Baños Yoga @ The BIB
Oriente y Julio Carñar
Baños de Aqua Santa, Ecuador


Arte del Mundo Ecuador

Yoga Schedule & Cost

Baños Ecuador
Group Class Schedule

Beginning October 3, 2016
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Drop-ins Welcome $4.00

Private Class: $10.00/ Hour
at your location, or at my Private Yoga Studio
Private Classes by Appointment